• UROCARE- Comprehensive care for all Urosurgical ailments.
    • Has advanced state of the art and unique instruments and technology to serve our patients in Endourology, Urooncology, General urology, Female urology etc.
    • Routine endoscopic equipments for TURP, URS, PCNL, VIU etc.
    • Reconstructive Urology for Congenital urosurgical anomalies of children e.g. Hypospadias.
    • The urinary stone disease, infections and prostate problems are commenest urinary disorders that are treated with sutureless, endoscopic surgeries.
    • Congenital urosurgical anomalies can present at any age if not addressed in early childhood. This need reconstruction and plastic surgery which is expertly done in our Urocare department.
    • Surgeries for SUI and other Urogynecologic problems, male infertility surgeries are offered.



    • PCNL
    • `URS
    • TURP
    • VIU
    • Bladder Stone
    • Pyeloplasty
    • Nephrectomy
    • Exploratory Lap
    • Cystoscopy & Stenting
    • Orchiopexy
    • Orchiectomy
    • TURBT
    • Hypospadias
    • BMG Urethoplasty
    • Other Surgeries
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